I was invited to jointly o jointly co- author a chapter on the topic of blogs for the book, What School Leaders Need to Know About Digital Technologies and Social Media.   designed to enhance the technology leadership understanding and skills of P‐12 school administrators. MAY 26, 2011 (excerpt) What if all teachers and students described […]

Matt Villano gathered a quintet of educators to sound off on what works and what doesn’t in the ongoing mission to train teachers to use technology in classroom instruction.  The result was an article and podcast for T.H.E Journal published in March, 2008.  Below are my contributions to the article and links to access the […]

Writer Michelle R Davis contacted me to find out how wikis can be used for professional development.  Here are some of my thoughts from the article printed September 12, 2007. SEPTEMBER 12, 2007 Instructional-technology coach Kristin Hokanson is hooked on wikis. Hokanson counts at least 40 wikis, or collaborative Web sites, that she either designed […]